What does branding mean?

The brand is the face of the company. This is how we recognize different companies. Most often, the most significant influence has the logo, it is something to which we associate a product or service. The logo is mostly the base. But a company can be recognized by a particular color or some packaging or branded vehicle. These are all synonyms for the brand.

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We have been involved in design for a long time. This includes many elements of anecdotal branding and overall branding. I worked for different industries with different needs. Thus, special needs for branding a product and special needs for designing some services stand out.

A big part of branding is actually Graphic Design. If we start with the logo, office material design, through the design of advertising materials. Also the design of advertisements on buildings, such as illuminated advertisements, billboards, vehicle design. It’s all graphic design and it’s all elements of brand creation.

If you are interested in the full branding service, please feel free to contact me to agree on the details. I need to get to know your vision very well, in order to create your brand.

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