We are an agency that deals with creative industries. Our core business is logo design and branding. In addition, many things follow these two main activities, so we also deal with graphic design materials and online marketing.

If we defined it in a simple way. We create everything you see in the press, on the street, on the internet, on social networks. So in addition to the activities I mentioned, we also deal with video editing and animation.

Knowledge of software

Working on design projects I gained different skills and knowledge of working in several software. Most of them are software for graphic design, but also for video editing and processing. I also occasionally worked on 3D modeling and realistic rendering projects.

  Adobe Illustrator

  Adobe Photoshop

  Adobe InDesign

  Adobe After Effects

  Adobe Premiere Pro

  DaVinci Resolve


  3D Studio Max



Working in programs requires technical knowledge, some education and experience. But that work is just a tool. It takes creativity skills to create something new

  Logo design

  Graphic design


  Web and UI design

  Video editing



  3D Modeling