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Golden Ratio in Logo Design

Golden Ratio in Logo Design

How to create a harmonious logo design? How to find the best relationship and balance? Part of the answer is hidden in the golden ratio. If we look at some details, we discover the incredible world we are seeing through the Golden Ratio.

Plants and golden ratio

He is all around us and we can find him in many natural phenomena. Flowers and plants are designed to have rules of golden spirals. Perhaps it is better to say that the spiral respects natural rules.

golden ratio in plants

Golden ratio in nature

An incredible discovery is when we find a spiral in a human body. Your ear is in the golden ratio, your face is also. The relationship between the bones is 1: 1.61. The Golden ratio is obvious when we look at the seagull..

golden ratio in nature, golden ratio in human

Definition of golden ratio 

What is Golden Ratio? I'll try to explain the easiest way. It is the relationship between two or more elements. If we have two lines. One line is 1m long and the other one is 1.61m. Then it can be said that these two lines are in a golden relationship. The figure shows the formula. You can also see the presentation of a visual golden ratio. The relationship can be represented by the ratio of the circles, the ratio of the squares, and the relationship of triangles. This visual golden ratio was defined by Fibonacci. His relationship is represented by the numbers 0,1,1,3,5,8,13,21,34 ... This series is formed when we collect the last two numbers. When we divide the last number with the last one we get 1.618.

golden ratio definition

Architect and golden ratio

The Golden ratio is applied in many areas that people have dealt with and deal with today. Architect is one of the first spheres in which it is applied. The Egyptian pyramids were built according to the golden ratio. The length of the edges of the pyramid and the height of the pyramid is divided, we get about 1.61

golden ratio in architect

Golden ratio in fine arts

I showed some of the pictures of Leonardo da Vinci. He used often the Golden ratio in his creations. Fine art mostly applies this relationship. Painters when they sketch the picture first determine the Golden Ratio image and then skip to the sketch. This relationship on the pictures gives an incredible harmony. It's like some balancing code.

golden ratio in art

Golden ratio photography

Photography is another art that uses the golden ratio. The third rule is also used in photographs. I selected and showed some examples of golden ratio photographs. The application of the photo is much simpler, but with the painter. Photographer can post production to crop a photo using a golden ratio.

photography golden ratio

Websites in golden ratio

I showed the golden ratio to websites. As it gives balance to images, photos, the golden ratio is also used in the design of the web pages. Web design is a business in which there is a big competition, it needs to be special. When a golden ratio is applied well, success is certain.

golden ratio in web design

Logo design in golden ratio

Designing the logo using the golden ratio is one of the most important receptions in the present. Sometimes this great privilege was enjoyed only by large and well-known brands. And today, many designers have mastered this technique and small firms can come up with a golden ratio logo design. In the pictures I have identified some famous brands that have a golden ratio logo.

 The National Geographic logo uses a yellow frame with internal spaces in the golden ratio of 1: 1,61. Pepsi, on the other hand, uses the ratio of circles whose diameter is in golden ratio. One circle borders the edge of the logo, and the second circle forms a curve on the blue part of the logo. These are two simple applications of golden ratio. In the following example, somewhat more complex versions are used.

golden ratio logo

The Toyota logo is drawn from three ellipses. The one in the image that makes the logo frame and the two small ones in the middle overlap, making an abstract letter T. In the figure with the circles it is shown how the golden ratio is used. The ratio between upper and lower edges is 1: 1.61. Also, the cross-section is also in the same relationship. In other side, on each side we encounter a golden ratio. BP logo uses some rays or symbolizes the sun in four colors. White, yellow, green and dark green. The size of these rays is in the golden ratio circle. The circles were used where we start from the smallest each followed by 1.61 higher.

golden ratio logos

I found the most complex form of logo in golden ratio with Twitter and Apple logo. With these logos, each piece is drawn in a golden ratio. Apple logo is already a simple and popular logo, but who would say that it is so complexly drawn. The scapular curvature uses a certain circle size from the golden ratio of circles. With the Twitter logo, everything is done the same way.

logo in golden ratio

Examples of the Logos in the Golden Ratio that I did

The picture shows some of my logos drawn in a golden ratio. As you see in the pictures, I used a complex system of the relationship between the size of the size and the curvature of the logo.

golden ratio logo design, logo in golden ratio

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