June 22, 2017 - Branislav Vujašković

The 10 types of Logo Designs


Logo design is a visual representation of your business. But did you know there are 10 different types of logos? How to choose the best logo type for your company?

1. Logotypes

Just font without any symbolic intervention. This type is a font-based logo that focuses on the name alone. Examples of the logos on the picture use existing fonts that are slightly modified for design purposes. They leave a strong impression on the audience to remember the name of the company.

2. Handmade logotypes

A calligraphic, handwritten or script font. With this type of logo, the same impression that leaves the first type, it is only the choice of a font more than a handwritten type for some types and is literally handwritten. For me, such logos represent artistic freedom.

3. Font + Meaning

A font with a tweak that symbolize company/ product/service. This logo group represents a multiple impression on the audience. Some of the messages can be hidden when we look for the first time. These logos are a special challenge for designers who create them.

4. Monogram

Logo design that uses the company's initials. A monogram logos is a typography-based logo that’s comprised of a few sign. The most common reason for making such a logo is to shorten a long company name for easy memory. For some companies, many people do not know their full names.

5. Font including in a shape

Company name inside / squares / ovals / rectangles or combined shapes. In this way, the font used by this logo design expires in a special way by acting in some shape within which it is located. We have many of these examples in use around us.

6. Abstract graphic

A synthetic symbol that represents your Company in a subtle way. This type of logo represents a big and favorite logo group. We can find a lot of interesting ideas. Starting from simple shapes logos to complex 3D logo designs.

7. Silhouette logos

A detailed illustrated silhouette. It can be abstract, but it's usually pretty clear what it represents. It is very common to use negative space with this form of logo design.

8. Geometric symbol

A geometric symbol that clearly represents an element. Many of the most successful companies use this kind of logo design. It is very impressive because of clearly defined shapes.

9. Icon + Font logos

Geometric and drawing objects with a combination of font. They can be recognized separate character and font. This is the most desirable type of logo design. We can find the opinions of the combination of character design with the font used. It's not rare that you encounter a specially processed font like logotype so it can be used separately but the audience recognizes the brand.

10. Emblem logos

Seals and crests. A detailed crest or seal with just text or maybe including graphics. An emblem logo represents an old way of design logo that has been held to date. The earliest sign of this sign comes from the coat. It can be very intrusive, picturesque. It is a very complex job for designers. It's hard to find many designers who dealing with this type of logo.

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